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Labour Leader Bans Predecessor Corbyn From Faction

Former leader of Britain’s largest opposition Labor party, Jeremy Corbyn, is no longer allowed to represent his party in parliament.


His successor Keir Starmer once again made it clear on Twitter that he is not happy with recent comments from 71-year-old Corbyn, whose suspension as a party member was lifted this week.

Starmer’s decision is likely to cause more division within the party. It has been led for years by the much more left-wing Corbyn.

The veteran politician resigned after a severe election defeat, but still has a lot of support. He must now continue as a non-party member of the House of Commons.

Corbyn’s recent suspension as a party member was linked to a riot over alleged anti-Semitism within the party. After publishing a critical report late last month, Corbyn stated that his opponents greatly exaggerated the magnitude of the problem. That was not appreciated.

The former party leader nuanced his statements this week. He stressed in a statement that “anti-Semitism should never be tolerated”. After that, his suspension was also off the table, but he is still not welcome in his party’s parliamentary group.

Current leader Starmer has spearheaded tackling anti-Semitism and believes his predecessor has undermined that mission.

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