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Kremlin Threatens More Unfriendly Countries Leaders With Sanctions

The Kremlin warns of personal sanctions against the leaders of countries labelled as “unfriendly”. Dozens of countries, including all EU Member States, have imposed sanctions on Russia for its invasion of Ukraine.


“They can and should be expected,” a Kremlin spokesman said of the sanctions. But, according to news agency TASS, he responded to a question about punitive measures for the leaders of ‘unfriendly countries’.

Russia already announced on Tuesday that it would impose sanctions on the leaders of the United States and Canada, who are also seen as “unfriendly”. Other countries on the list include the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Australia, South Korea, and Japan.

The list of ‘unfriendly countries’ was announced early last week. Russia then said that a special committee must henceforth approve deals with companies and individuals from these government countries in Moscow.

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