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KLM Again Major Recipient of Corona Support in the First Quarter

Airline KLM was again the largest recipient in the fourth period of the corona wage support. This is reported by the UWV benefits agency, which announced all provisional allowances from the Emergency Measure Bridging Employment (NOW) from January to March. Many payroll companies are also high on the list.


KLM was good for just under 217 million euros in NOW support in the first three months of this year. That is by far the largest amount of all applicants, but it doesn’t stop there. Daughter Transavia received 18.5 million euros in support, and KLM Catering Services received 6.1 million euros from the UWV. KLM Cityhopper is on the list for just under 1.9 million euros.

The KLM airlines are not the only airlines that received a lot of support. Schiphol Airport received 25.2 million euros in wage subsidy and TUI Airlines 7.8 million. Travel organization TUI Netherlands was good for about 11.1 million euros. Furthermore, many retail and hotel chains are high on the list. The advances amount to 80 percent of the total amount that the companies receive.

It is striking that many payroll companies, which employ staff and lend it to other companies, again received a lot of money. In 2020, those companies already had a loss of turnover, partly due to the extra costs that arose as a result of the Balanced Labor Market Act (WAB), and they will again receive a lot of NOW support in 2021. Ev Tilburg received approximately 10.7 million euros; personality is on the list several times and received 9.3 million euros. Hummingbird Payrolling is also good for more than 9 million euros.

Holland Casino, which had to keep its doors closed for the entire period, received 48.5 million euros in support and De Efteling 10.7 million euros. The Central Bureau for Driving Licenses (CBR) touched just under 10 million euros in NOW support. The bankrupt travel organization D-rt, the parent company of D-Reizen, received more than 5 million euros in support.

Football clubs have again made considerable use of the NOW scheme. Ajax received the most with 4.2 million euros, PSV followed with 2.6 million euros, and Feyenoord received 1.9 million. The Rijksmuseum received 1.2 million euros in wage support.

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