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Ireland Resumes Vaccinations With AstraZeneca

Ireland is going to vaccinate people again with the much-discussed AstraZeneca corona vaccine. The country stopped doing so on Sunday as a precaution because of possible side effects.


Vaccinations with the drug will be resumed within a few days. The invitees are urged by the health authorities to take the opportunity to protect themselves against Covid-19. “The best vaccine they can get is the first vaccine they can get.”

Ireland follows with the resumption of the Thursday updated opinion of the European Medicines Agency (EMA). It states that the vaccine is “safe and effective.”

However, the regulator is continuing to investigate reports of vaccinees with blood clots and a reduced number of platelets, the reason why many European countries have suspended vaccinations with AstraZeneca.

Most countries have now decided to vaccinate again with AstraZeneca. More than 20 million injections have already been given in Europe with the vaccine from this pharmaceutical company.

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