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Iranian Hackers Attempted to Carry Out A Cyberattack on the World Health Organization

Iranian state hackers have attempted to carry out a cyberattack on the World Health Organization, the WHO.


They tried to penetrate the private accounts of employees, reports Reuters news agency based on four sources around the UN organization.

Iran has been severely affected by the coronavirus. According to official figures, the country has more than 50,000 infections and more than 3,000 deaths—the WHO is involved in the fight against the global pandemic.

The current attack attempt would have started on March 2. Employees received phishing emails supposedly from Google.

The hackers tried to get usernames and passwords. Iran had previously used the malicious websites that the attackers used for cyberattacks against Iranian refugees.

The WHO confirms that phishing emails have been sent to employees’ email addresses, but says it does not know who is responsible. “As far as we know, no hacking attempt has been successful,” said a spokesperson.

Iran denies any involvement and speaks of “lies to increase pressure on Iran. Iran is the victim of hacking.”

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