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In New York, Corona Deaths Been Buried n Mass Graves on Hart Island

In New York, corona deaths may already be buried in mass graves on Hart Island. The small island has been a place where people are buried without surviving relatives since the 19th century.


The number of funerals on the island has increased in recent weeks. According to the city of New York, the unknown deceased may also be corona victims, although no figure can be pasted on how much exactly.

Yesterday, about 40 coffins were buried in a mass grave on Hart Island. Usually about 25 lonely dead find their final resting place on the island in a week.

There has been an increase in the number of funerals in recent weeks, which may be related to the corona crisis.

According to the spokesperson for the New York Forensic Institute, there may be deaths of COVID-19 patients among the dead, but it will take time to verify.

Jason Kersten is the spokesman for the department that oversees the funerals. He reported that two new mass graves have already been excavated to prepare for a spike in body numbers.

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