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Huawei Users Can Choose Between Android or Harmony

From next year, Huawei will equip its smartphones with its own Harmony operating system. But users can still opt for Android.


Yesterday, it sounded through Richard Yu, head of Huawei’s consumer department, that his company is fully committed to Harmony 2.0, the company’s own operating system for smartphones next year.

But according to Android, users will be able to choose in practice.

“For specific existing models, including the phones that work with Google Mobile Services, users can decide whether to upgrade to HarmonyOS.

We will continue to provide ongoing technical support and ensure consistent user experience for users who choose not to upgrade to Harmony OS. ” Thus, Huawei versus Android.

This means that both existing devices (with a full Android version, including Google Play), and the devices that run on an open-source version of Android (with the Huawei app store) as newer devices will be able to choose.

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