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Huawei Reveals Details of Its Own Operating System


Chinese tech manufacturer Huawei has revealed long-awaited details of its HarmonyOS software.


With this operating system, the company wants to play a central role in a market that has so far been dominated by Android from Google and iOS from Apple. The Chinese also presented the first tablets that run on the system on Wednesday.

HarmonyOS is designed to work with smartphones and many other devices. Connected gadgets must be able to be combined as a “super device”, as Huawei calls it. The company demonstrated this “multi-device functionality” as one of the capabilities of HarmonyOS. Huawei plans to build its new platform into a hub that connects a lot of hardware, from earbuds to smart cars.

The plan for its own operating system dates back to 2016 but was accelerated after Washington blacklisted Huawei for alleged espionage practices. The sanctions prevented Huawei from accessing essential mobile chipsets and key Google services.

Huawei says it does not want to copy iOS or Android because this would have no value for customers and app developers. The company believes that the mobile internet industry reliant on smartphones will become saturated like other industries.

Huawei introduced some gadgets that run on its own HarmonyOS. The company also promised that the operating system would enable the devices to share data with other Huawei devices and those of third parties.

In addition to the tablets, Huawei also announced the arrival of new smartwatches that run on its own system.

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