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How to Make Students Love to Write Assignments


Now days writing skill has become very important and also became an essential part of every subject. Not only the English subject is only that wants you to write your long assignments and essays. If you hate the English subject and wants to run away from learning punctuations, how to write well, learning grammar and so on, and then what you do in that case? the

Here are a few easy points that make writing quite easy for you.

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• Designing:
Planning is the first step to start your writing. When you get your question, just read the questions and start thinking of what you need to be doing that means a lot of discussion in your mind. Find the sources and important points needed for your assignments and be sure about not to go beyond the topic because it makes the reader feel bored. When you are clear about the question and what you have to write then your battle starts.

Now it’s time to research and gathering all the possible information regarding your question or topic. If you know what you are writing then more convincingly you will be. Start making notes of your subject and discuss or argue on the question. This gathering will further help you in reports, articles, essays or writing for any question.

• Composition:
You must be aware of what the essay, question or a report have composition. The introduction comes first, and that should be strong. Make the first line of your assignment stronger and be sure about not using a single word again and again.

Mish-mash words, repeated words, and sentences make you’re writing down. This is about introduction now comes middle part of your assignment that includes arguments or explaining your views regarding the topic. Always keep the paragraphs starting and end same because if paragraph start is different from the end, then you are mixing the subject.

• Conclusion:
We have put this separate as it is the very important part of your writing. As it is the sum up of your whole assignment, it is the judgment or decision reached by the reasoning. So put the strong words in your conclusion, and your last line should be like leaving a print of your writing on the reader.

• Modifying or Editing:
Now the last thing you must not ignore is after completing your assignment read it thoroughly and check the grammar or sentence mistakes. Edit your assignment if needed. Triple check your assignment and make sure that nothing is gone beyond the topic or question asked.

These few simple steps will surely make you love writing, and it also develops confidence in you.

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