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Greenland Stops Searching for Oil

Greenland will stop looking for oil and gas. According to Greenland, the impact on the climate from the exploration drilling is too significant. As a result, new licenses for test drilling are no longer issued.


This ends about 50 years of searching for oil and gas on the island in the Arctic. Then, major oil companies such as ExxonMobil, Chevron and Shell were involved. The test drillings, however, were not very successful.

Incidentally, it is thought that large amounts of oil can be found in Greenland and under the seabed, but it is difficult to pump oil there because of the rugged nature and icebergs.

“This step has been taken in the interest of our nature, fisheries and tourism. We are now going to focus on sustainable options,” said the government of Greenland, which is formally part of Denmark.

The Greenland government says that the consequences of climate change for the island are large, for example, due to the melting of glaciers.

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