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Google Most Searched Word on Bing, Says Google


The tech company wants to prove that it has not abused Android to promote its own search engine.


The main search in the Microsoft search engine Bing is one for ‘Google’. At least that’s what Google says in a lawsuit against the European Commission. With the case, the tech giant is fighting an earlier European fine of 4.3 billion euros.

Bestowing to the European Commission, Google abused its dominant position by using Android’s accomplishment in the smartphone marketplace to make Google the default search engine. However, Google itself says it simply has the most popular search engine.

“People use Google since they choose to, not because they’re forced to,” Alfonso Lamadrid, Google’s attorney, said in a Bloomberg report.

However, the fine isn’t so much about the popularity of Google’s search engine, as about the fact that Android builders build the search engine and the Chrome web browser into all smartphones by default, so users rarely choose to download another app. Google also allegedly paid some of those builders to make Google the default search app.

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