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From Cake Contest to Street Parties: This is How the British will Celebrate 70 Tears of Queen Elizabeth

On February 6 this year, Queen Elizabeth II will be on the British throne for no less than 70 years: a reason for great celebration in the United Kingdom. Buckingham Palace has just announced how that will happen.


It was decided to have the celebrations take place around a weekend in June, the month in which Elizabeth was crowned at the time. The British can then enjoy four days off.

Never before has the United Kingdom been able to celebrate the 70th anniversary of a monarch. The country’s second longest-serving queen was Victoria, who held sway for 63 years. Therefore, there are no historical examples of what should traditionally happen at the special event.

The British have been in the dark for a long time because of the ongoing corona pandemic, but Buckingham Palace today announced how the anniversary would be celebrated. No expense is spared to celebrate the milestone and put Elizabeth in the spotlight.

The British thought February was too cold, so it was decided to celebrate the anniversary on the weekend in June. That’s the month Elizabeth was crowned, nearly a year and a half after she took the throne.

An official holiday weekend from June 2-5, four official days off will include a major military parade, a mass held at St. Paul’s Cathedral and a large anniversary lunch. A concert with ‘the biggest stars in the world’ will also be organized at Buckingham Palace. All Brits can register to attend. It is not yet clear who the artists are

On Sunday, June 5, the jubilant Brits can dance at street parties across the country. The area around Buckingham Palace is also a big party with the Platinum Jubilee Pageant. Some 5,000 performers from across the Commonwealth of Nations then join in a parade of “magnificence, street art, theatre, music, circus, costumes, as well as advanced visual technology,” according to the palace itself. In addition to the official festivities, many commercial parties and activities are also expected to be organized to celebrate the anniversary.

A number of festivities also take place before the free weekend. An official dessert competition, for example, opened today: the Platinum Pudding Competition. Buckingham Palace is looking for a pie, pudding, sundae, or another dessert that reflects Elizabeth’s 70 years of reign and celebrates her achievements. The winning recipe will be published and served at the official lunches during the anniversary weekend. The dish may go down in the history books just like coronation chicken. The dish, which was invented for a competition for the coronation of Elizabeth in 1953, is still popular in the United Kingdom.

In addition, on the weekend of May 12-15, Windsor Castle will be transformed into the stage of a grand spectacle in which more than 500 horses and 1000 performers take the audience through history, from Queen Elizabeth I in the 16th century to the present day. British primary and secondary school children can also submit drawings of what they want the world to look like 70 years from now. The most beautiful entries will be carried on a flag at the parade during the festive weekend.

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