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French People with Fake Corona Pass Avoid Punishment If They Do Take A Shot

French people with a forged corona pass will be punished if they are still vaccinated. French health authorities received instructions about this on Monday. Using a fake vaccination certificate can result in jail time and tens of thousands of euros in fines.


The French government recently estimated that some 200,000 fake vaccination certificates are circulating in the country. Vaccination centres have now been given the option to remove fake evidence from the national registry. It is no longer necessary to inform the police about counterfeits.

From Tuesday, French people must take a booster earlier to keep a valid vaccination certificate. Instead of seven months, they now have to receive a booster four months after their second shot.

In France, a corona pass is required to go to restaurants or cinemas, among other things. The proof is also mandatory for travellers who, for example, travel a long distance on the train.

Currently, nearly 79 percent of the French population is fully vaccinated. More than 55 percent have had a booster shot.

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