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Formula 1 Drivers Approve Fireproof Gloves


The new fire-resistant gloves in Formula 1 have been approved. Australian Daniel Ricciardo was one of the drivers who had to test the gloves for wearing comfort at the last Turkish Grand Prix, and the McLaren driver was satisfied.


“I didn’t notice the difference; they were fine,” said Ricciardo.

Formula 1 had even better fire-resistant gloves designed after Romain Grosjean’s serious crash at the Bahrain Grand Prix last November. The Frenchman came out of his Haas car, which had broken in two, almost unharmed, which was completely on fire. He stepped out of the blaze with only burns on his hands.

“We realized almost immediately after Romain’s crash that we could make improvements in terms of gloves and started working on them right away,” explained race director Michael Masi.

The fire-resistant properties of the new gloves had already been proven; the main focus of the Turkish Grand Prix was on wearing comfort. “The feedback from the drivers was positive, all satisfied. Some minor adjustments here and there on a few of the brands, but that should not have a name,” says Masi.

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