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Finland 5G Decision Could Have Pros and Cons for Nokia

The Finnish parliament is discussing a new law to protect the country’s networks against digital attacks and espionage.


It is likely that the Chinese 5G equipment manufacturers Huawei and ZTE will be banned, Bloomberg reports.

Finland is the home of the competing network company Nokia. The new law, which is expected to be passed, does not name specific countries or companies. Equipment will be banned if there are “strong suspicions that its use will endanger national security”.

Nokia is expected to benefit from the exclusion of Chinese companies from the construction of 5G. The company estimates that it has won 43 percent of the total value of 5G contracts since several countries shut out Huawei and ZTE.

At the same time, the company is in danger of being excluded from the lucrative Chinese 5G market by Finnish policy itself.

Neighboring Sweden, where network company Ericsson is located, banned Huawei and ZTE at the end of October. In response, China threatened to take measures against Swedish companies.

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