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Facebook Arranges Game Developer In Court Case

Facebook Arranges game Developer in Court case around Oculus VR. Facebook has settled with the American game developer ZeniMax. Finally, it will conclude the lawsuit between the two companies for more than four years.


“We are happy that a settlement has been reached,” says the company’s director behind id Software (Doom and Quake) and Bethesda (The Elder Scrolls and Fallout) on Wednesday, CNBC reports.

Further details regarding the settlement have not been revealed.

ZeniMax sued Facebook in May 2014 for the alleged intellectual property theft for the Oculus Rift,

 a headset for virtual reality (VR) that Oculus launched in 2016.

Facebook obtained Oculus VR in March of 2014.

In February 2017 a court jury decided that Facebook had to pay an amount of 396 million pounds in damages.

In June 2018, that amount was split by a federal court in the US state of Texas.

ZeniMax also imposed a ban on the use of programming code for the Oculus Rift.

The ban could have meant that some games could no longer be used on the VR headset.

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