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EU Leaders Will Meet Next Week About the Flaring Virus

Next Thursday, EU leaders will meet remotely about the fight against the coronavirus, which is spreading across almost all of Europe.


At their last summit in Brussels, they agreed to speak more often about the pandemic.

The heads of government and heads of state can exchange experiences, set the clocks and learn something from each other, German Chancellor Angela Merkel suggested in Brussels last week.

For example, about their testing policy or about ways to keep the courage and discipline in their citizens.

How exactly the video consultation will be organized is still unclear, say Brussels sources. The Germans, who chair the European Union for these six months, would like to meet every week and a half for the coming period.

It would be up to the leaders themselves whether they want to join.

At the previous summit, EU leaders concluded that they could have worked better together on the outbreak of the virus in the spring. Now that a new wave of infections is spreading through Europe, that must be different.

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