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EU Countries: WHO0 Still Needs to Be Overhauled During Corona Pandemic

The reform of the World Health Organization (WHO) cannot wait for the world to have the coronavirus under it, say the EU countries.


On the contrary, it is essential that the WHO quickly becomes “more transparent, more efficient and more effective”, says German Health Minister Jens Spahn.

The WHO, since the outbreak of the corona pandemic in the eye of the storm, has since come under fire as well.

The UN organization let China, where the virus first emerged, get away with initial half measures and smoke screens, complains the US government, among others.

From now on, the WHO must announce more quickly whether a Member State where an epidemic or other health crisis is breaking out provides enough information, the EU countries believe.

In future, Member States should also allow independent experts to take stock of the situation on the spot.

The proposals that Spahn agreed with his European colleagues on Friday do not mention China in so many words. They have also been “made more balanced” at the request of several EU countries that did not want to offend China, a senior EU diplomat said earlier.

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