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Educav, The Leading Educational Mega-Corp.


Transferring knowledge, abilities, values and skills from one person to another is the main purpose of education. When a person is educated it can find a clear path for his life. All people have the right to quality education.

Sadly, many people remain illiterate due to restrictions placed on them from an oppressive government regime or a lack of economic opportunities. That is why Mister Ahmed Abdelhamid, created Educav Group.

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The vision of Educav is to spread knowledge and bring educational opportunities to members of every part of the world.

Educav, the leading educational agency, loves to work beside international students and play a role in their academic success. Center in London, Educav Group helps students that decide to study abroad with assistance in finding and settling in their new destination.

As leaders in student recruitment, they have a team of professionals for the employment of international students, university postgraduates, graduates and freshers. Educav’s main focus is to connect students with several part-time and summer jobs, graduate jobs, and internships.

Their only goal is to offer the best possible solution for each student. Besides they help employers in finding the best possible candidate for hire in Egypt or elsewhere.

The power of education comes from the fact that it creates a path towards peoples’ empowerment and employment. It is essential for building strong economies and peaceful societies.


Educav Vision

For Educav Group, there is nothing more important than to offer honest services for students who need to find employment. Their vision is to work with ethic, integrity, and professionalism. Their students are more than just job applications. They are committed to understanding what the perfect occupation means to you.

Finding the perfect job is easy when you have a database full of jobs matching your skills and experience with a corporate house that is seeking talent in your local area or overseas.
You can be sure that Educav, as the leading recruitment agency, will connect you with the right employer so you can find your perfect job.

The only goal Mister Ahmed Abdelhamid has in mind is to help students accomplish their dreams overseas that’s why every aspect is handled by a professional team at Educav.

Now, more than ever, his dream of connecting the middle east with eastern academic advancement to achieve prosperity around the world is something that needs to be accomplished.

All that Educav Group is searching for is to give the skills and knowledge to succeed and prosper in life. Remember, Educav Group can help you find the most rewarding job specifically for international students.

As Winston S. Churchill once says: “Success is not final; failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts.” And that’s the reason why Educav is so proud to work with all those courage students that decide to study abroad to make a better life for themselves.

For more information about Educav Group and the amazing work they do you can follow them on Facebook and Twitter as EducavG.

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