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EasyJet will Cancel a Number of Flights This Summer Due to Busy Schiphol


EasyJet has “proactively” cancelled a number of flights from Amsterdam to London Gatwick and London Luton before the summer. The British low-cost airline does this because of the large crowds at Schiphol, where the airline is one of the largest users.


Passengers have been notified and the vast majority are booked on another flight on the same day, a spokeswoman said. She just doesn’t say exactly how many flights and travellers are involved.

EasyJet said last month it did not plan to cancel flights for the summer peak. But at Schiphol, there are currently feverish consultations with airlines. EasyJet indicates that it is “constantly” in talks about the approach to the operation this summer.

These discussions aim to come to agreements ‘voluntarily’ to relieve the airport somewhat, the airport said earlier. If that fails, Schiphol does not rule out the possibility of forcing airlines to cancel flights.

easyJet is not waiting for the latter. “We believe that imposing a mandatory restriction on the number of flights is not feasible or desirable, as other measures can also be taken and airlines also take their own responsibility.”

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