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Deadness of the Dam of Kenya Rises to 47

Deadness of the Dam of Kenya Rises to 47. Dozens of people are still missing. Heavy rainfall hits Kenya. A dam breakthrough caused significant damage in Kenya on Wednesday night. According to a local police chief, at least 47 people died, reports Reuters news agency. At least 20 of them are children.


According to the News Tribune, hundreds of residents lost their homes. The dam in the village of Solai, 190 kilometres northwest of the capital Nairobi, collapsed after heavy rainfall. The governor of the Nakuru region speaks of “huge destruction of lives and property”.

According to news agency Reuters, water and mudflows destroyed electricity cables, homes and other buildings, including a primary school. The local government, the Red Cross and volunteers search the mud and debris for survivors. Emergency services have now examined half of the affected area. Dozens of people are still missing, write local media. According to the Red Cross, 39 people have been transported to hospitals in the neighbourhood.

The dam was on a hill near two villages. The water and mudflows almost destroyed one of the villages. The water in the reservoir behind the dam was used for irrigation. Two comparable dams in the area are inspected. The Kenyan minister of the Interior is on the spot and assured the victims of aid from the government.

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