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Coronavirus Continues to Spread Around the US Just Before Elections

The coronavirus continues to spread in the United States shortly before the presidential elections.


There, another 76,195 people were diagnosed with the contagious virus on Thursday, according to Reuters news agency. That is just below the July record of 77,299 corona cases in one day.

The corona crisis complicates attempts by President Donald Trump to be re-elected in a week and a half. More than 8 million Americans have contracted the virus since the start of the pandemic.

More than 223,000 patients have died, and unemployment has also risen sharply. Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has not missed an opportunity to make it clear that he believes Trump is messing about.

The number of hospital admissions has also increased rapidly in recent times. There are now about 41,000 patients with the virus in American hospitals, more than a third more than at the beginning of October.

As a result, more and more states are forced to introduce stricter rules to prevent the spread of the virus. President Trump also became infected but is now again campaigning to catch up in the polls.

Trump emphasized in his latest debate with Biden that the corona crisis is a “global problem.” He said many heads of state congratulated him on what the US managed to accomplish during the pandemic. He was referring to the production of personal protective equipment and respirators.

Biden is less impressed with his rival’s corona policy. “Anyone responsible for such a death toll should not remain US president.”

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