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Corona Vaccination in the United Kingdom Remains Voluntary

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said he will not make a corona vaccination mandatory for everyone. Instead, he wants to continue the current approach, where vaccination is voluntary. However, a month ago, Johnson didn’t seem to rule out a duty.


According to British media, he said he did not want to force people, but also that a “national conversation” should be held about it.

Johnson wants people who have doubts about vaccination to be persuaded and not be forced to vaccinate, and he told reporters on Thursday. However, more and more countries are making compulsory vaccinations, especially for vulnerable groups such as the elderly and healthcare staff.

The prime minister also criticized people who share false information about corona vaccines, while the pandemic has put great pressure on healthcare. Spreading “complete nonsense” is “absolutely wrong” and “totally counterproductive,” he said.

The British started vaccinating in December 2020. Nearly 83 percent of the population from the age of 12 has now been fully vaccinated; 60 percent has also had a booster shot. Despite the many vaccinations, the UK is struggling with an increase in the number of corona infections caused by the omikron variant. Unvaccinated people are overrepresented among the corona patients admitted.

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