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Corona Protesters in London Protest in Front of the Wrong Building


Opponents of the corona vaccine and British virus policy protested in London yesterday in front of the wrong building.


The protesters believed they were standing in front of a BBC studio. They wanted to protest at the British public broadcaster because, in their view, it reports too positively about vaccinations and is not critical of the corona policy. But, unfortunately, few BBC employees will have heard those concerns: the broadcaster moved to another building almost ten years ago.

The building in question is currently in use by the British commercial channel ITV, which records breakfast shows, among other things. While outside, several hundred protesters chanted ‘shame on you’, inside the women’s talk show Loose Women was recorded, where menopause was discussed.

The protesters tried to storm the studios and had to be kept out by the police. No arrests have been made, according to the British newspaper The Guardian. Later in the day, a small group of protesters left for the BBC studios, which are located eight kilometres away.

Corona protesters often stand in front of the wrong building to protest. For example, last summer, action group Virus Truth organized demonstrations at various newspaper editors because of dissatisfaction with the corona reporting. Then there was a demonstration at a building where the AD had been gone for eight years.

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