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Corona Dead Suddenly Wakes Up Just Before Cremation in India

A woman believed to have died by coronavirus suddenly woke up just before she was cremated.


Shakuntala Gaikwad, 78, tested positive for Covid-19 in her hometown of Mudhale, India, in early May, and her condition deteriorated rapidly after that.

Relatives of the 78-year-old woman recently alerted emergency services when her symptoms worsened. But ambulance workers were still struggling to find a hospital bed for the woman when Ms Gaikwad passed out.

According to the British newspaper The Mirror, the ambulance crew would have decided to confirm her death. And the family was also informed of the sad news. The “deceased” woman was then returned to her home village, where the family organized the cremation and accompanying farewell ceremony.

But just before the woman was to be put on the fire, she opened her eyes and began to cry. The woman was immediately transferred to Silver Jubilee Hospital in Baramati for further treatment, a hospital spokeswoman Dr Sadanand Kale, reports VN Express.

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