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Contaminated Moderna Vaccines in Japan Contain Stainless Steel

The contaminated Moderna coronavirus vaccines that have surfaced in Japan contain stainless steel particles and are not expected to be dangerous.


That sample would come from the production equipment, the Japanese Ministry of Health reported based on a study by pharmaceutical company Moderna and distributor Takeda Pharmaceutical Co.

The distributor emphasizes that stainless steel is regularly used in the medical world, such as heart valves and sutures. “The health risks of injecting these particles are not expected to increase,” it said in a statement.

The Japanese authorities recalled three large batches of vaccines as a precaution last Thursday after unknown black particles were found in several vials. More than 1.6 million copies had already been distributed across the country.

Later, particles were also found in bottles from other parties, after which another million doses were withdrawn from circulation.

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