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China has Arrested Thirteen Thousand “Terrorists” in Five Years

China has Arrested Thirteen Thousand “Terrorists” in Five Years. China has defended its controversial anti-terrorism policy in the Xinjiang region. Since 2014, nearly 13,000 ‘terrorists’ have been arrested in the northwestern area, reports the Chinese State Council.


The Chinese government claims to want to keep terrorism and extremism under control in the minority region of Xinjiang. Since 2014, according to the State Council, 1,588 terrorist gangs have been eliminated, 12,995 terrorists have been arrested, and 2,052 explosives have been seized.

Internationally there has been the discussion about how to deal with religious minorities in the troubled Xinjiang region, which borders on Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Last year, UN experts concluded that possibly a million Uighurs, a Turkish Muslim people, and other Muslims had been detained in re-education camps.

“Fighting terrorism is a political excuse for suppressing the Uyghurs,” said a spokesperson for the Uyghurs advocacy organisation.

One and a half million Muslims detained in Xinjiang detention centres
German researchers estimate that about one and a half million Uighurs and other Muslims are being held in “re-education camps in the region,” Reuters news agency wrote earlier this month.

The estimate was based on satellite images, government spending on detention centres and missing family members.

In February of this year, a data breach at a Chinese surveillance company revealed that the government is watching 2.6 million people in the Xinjiang region, reports the NOS Radio 1 Journal. Most of the names on the list of the online database are Islamic.

Besides, sensitive information, such as full names, home addresses and passport numbers, is stored.

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