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Chile: Chinese Vaccine Prevents Four Out of Five Corona Deaths

Inoculation with the vaccine from Chinese biotech company Sinovac prevents four out of five deaths from Covid-19, Chile’s Ministry of Health reports based on the South American country’s vaccination campaign results.


Two out of three vaccinated people who become infected do not develop any symptoms. 85 percent do not have to go to a hospital, and almost 90 percent do not end up in intensive care. “These figures should give the country peace of mind,” said Health Minister Enrique Paris.

The ministry followed 10.5 million Chileans, some of whom had not been vaccinated, and others were given one or two doses in February and March. Chile, along with Mexico and Costa Rica, was the first Latin American country to start vaccinating, and it has taken a very energetic approach.

A smaller study in Brazil previously found that the Sinovac vaccine prevents infection in about half the cases.

China uses four vaccines, which are less effective against Covid-19 than Western vaccines, such as those from Pfizer / BioNTech and Moderna. Two Sinopharm vaccines have an effectiveness of 79 percent and 72 percent, respectively, while CanSino’s score is 65 percent.

The country is considering mixing different vaccines to boost their relatively low efficacy.

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