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Chairman John Browne of the British Branch of Huawei is Leaving

John Browne, the chairman of the British branch of the Chinese Huawei, has left.


This is what the former director of BP is doing in the run-up to the expected decision of the British government to phase out the role of Huawei in the 5G network faster.

On Tuesday, Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s cabinet will meet to discuss the role of the Chinese company.

According to Sky News, which brought the news first, Browne is stepping out even earlier than he announced in recent days.

He planned to quit in September, which would have been six months earlier than initially planned. He was attached to Huawei as a non-executive chairman, which is a more supervisory role.

The British cabinet will meet later today to discuss and further narrow down the involvement of the technology group Huawei in the 5G network.

It was previously announced that operators should limit the role of Huawei in their network to 35 percent by 2023. Talks are now underway to bring that percentage back to zero faster, Reuters news agency reported.

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