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Casey Affleck Strongly Supports The “Metoo” Movement


Casey Affleck strongly Supports the “Metoo” Movement. Casey Affleck has been blamed for sexual misconduct, but strongly supports the MeToo movement.


That says the 43-year-old actor in the podcast Armchair Expert.

The fact that he did not always support MeToo in public is due to his defiled reputation: the actor does not want to harm the movement.

l “Who is not in favour of the MeToo movement? Is that even possible?” Casey wonders aloud.

“That some people can maintain that a working environment can and may be dangerous for one person and not for the other. I find that ridiculous.”

Producer Amanda White accused Casey of sexual misconduct around filming I’m Still Here in 2010.

Casey allegedly made unwelcome advances, sent aggressive messages when she refused to share a hotel room with him and had sex in her room with other women.

The cinematographer of the same film, Magdalena Gorka, also accused Casey of sexual misconduct.

Casey, Ben Affleck’s brother, has always denied the accusations.

The parties have settled both cases.

Casey says he has a warm heart for the MeToo movement,

 and he calls his bad reputation the opposite of how he is.

In 2018, Casey chose not to award an Oscar because of the alleged sexual harassment.

The actor had won the Oscar for best actor in 2017,

 so he would probably have had a role the following year at the presentation of the Oscar for best actress.

However, Casey would not have wanted to divert attention from the MeToo movement, as he now tells in the podcast.

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