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By Way of Detour: Apple Fan Still Gets CarPlay to Work in Tesla


While CarPlay support is high on the wish list of many Tesla owners, Elon Musk’s company doesn’t seem inclined to make it any time soon.


However, a Polish Tesla 3 driver did not accept that and managed to get Apple’s onboard entertainment system up and running in a roundabout way.

Michał Gapiński, a Polish developer, explains via his Twitter account how he got CarPlay running in his Tesla 3. He managed to do it using a small Raspberry Pi computer (with LTE modem and WiFi) and the car’s browser. The Raspberry displays the full CarPlay interface on the infotainment screen via the Tesla browser is configured correctly.

All apps, from the Apple Maps navigation system to the Apple Music streaming service, work flawlessly with Gapiński’s setup. All functions can also be operated simply with the buttons on the steering wheel of the Tesla.

However, there is still some lag in the video stream from Raspberry to the browser. The Polish technician wants to improve this in the coming period by further optimizing the WiFi connection. Gapiński says that his workaround is still in an early phase but that he wants to make the solution – when it is ready – accessible to everyone.

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