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British Prime Minister to Scotland as A Step Against Independence

As calls for Scottish independence grow, British Prime Minister Johnson has paid a controversial visit to the country.


Scottish nationalists, including Scottish Prime Minister Sturgeon, criticized the “charm offensive”, precisely in these corona times.

According to a spokesperson for Johnson, it was indeed a necessary trip. It would be a fundamental part of his duties, said the spokesman.

According to him, Johnson must meet people at the forefront of the fight against the coronavirus. Among other things, the Prime Minister paid a visit to a vaccination centre in Glasgow.

In 2014, 55 percent of Scots voted against independence. But an even larger Scottish majority voted in favour of the United Kingdom staying in the European Union in 2016.

Scottish leader Sturgeon hopes to be able to achieve a split off with a second referendum. After that, Scotland could join the EU. But a plebiscite is not possible without London’s consent.

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