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British Prime Minister May Convened Cabinet After Crisis Over Brexit Proposal

British Prime Minister May convened Cabinet after Crisis over Brexit Proposal. The British Prime Minister Theresa May has held the Cabinet for the first time since last weekend. Then two ministers got out. The former Brexit Minister and ex-minister of Foreign Affairs do not agree with the Brexit proposal that May wants to introduce to the European Union.


David Davis and Boris Johnson filed their resignation soon after each other. Johnson has previously served for holding a referendum on the Brexit. May has already filled in the vacant ministerial posts on Monday, reports Hope News.

The two departed ministers believe that the United Kingdom lingers too much on the EU in May’s proposal that is now on the table.

According to this plan, there should be a free trade area between the EU and the United Kingdom. The free movement of people would disappear.

Johnson said after his resignation that he thinks the United Kingdom will become an EU colony in this way. He recommended that the Conservatives should drop May because of her Brexit plans.

May, however, said that she does not intend to resign and has committed to oppose efforts to push her aside.

She received broad support for her plan on Monday evening after a meeting of the Conservative Party summit.

The European Commission said that the negotiations with the British government would continue.

There must be a plan for March 2019. Then, according to the agreement, the current ties between Europe and the United Kingdom will be broken.

Also occurs when no agreement about new contracts has reached.

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