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British Politician Keir Starmer Succeeds Jeremy Corbyn as Leader of the Labor Party

British politician Keir Starmer succeeds Jeremy Corbyn as leader of the Labor Party. He won the vote among the members of the main opposition party of the two other candidates, Rebecca Long-Bailey and Lisa Nandy.


Starmer must put Labor back on the map politically. The party suffered a severe defeat in the parliamentary elections at the end of last year.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s Conservative Party won it convincingly and then quickly expelled the United Kingdom from the European Union.

The centre-left human rights lawyer Starmer has long been a favourite for the leadership position. He is considered to be more moderate than Corbyn.

He is also a declared opponent of Brexit but is not expected to discuss it. “The battle to stay or retire is over,” he said in a February debate.

The internal election of the Labor Leader was not going as planned due to the corona crisis.

The result should have been announced at a party conference in London, but it has been cancelled. Party members were now told the results via the internet.

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