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British Police Reopen Investigation After Publishing Photo of Prime Minister Boris Johnson At Christmas Party

British police will again investigate an event at Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s residence. According to a photo by the newspaper The Daily Mail, alcohol had now been served in the presence of Johnson during a “Christmas quiz” in Downing Street, although this was initially denied.


Prime Minister Johnson’s position has been under fire for some time because his cabinet in 10 Downing Street is said to have violated the corona rules that he himself has announced. It’s about a string of parties, cheese-and-wine tastings and the like when that was banned during lockdowns.

It was already known that on December 15 last year, a “Christmas quiz” was held in the official residence, but according to a minister, no alcohol was then served. The Scotland Yard Police Service had subsequently not covered that event in its investigation into possible illegal parties at the Prime Minister’s residence.

However, the police are now reopening that investigation after the newspaper The Daily Mirror published a photo of Prime Minister Johnson during that quiz with Prime Minister Johnson in the background and a bottle of sparkling wine and a torn bag of chips in the foreground. One of the attendees is wearing a Santa hat, and the man in the foreground has a garland around his neck. That police investigation could be very annoying for Prime Minister Johnson, especially because his Conservative supporters and MPs are very bored with those “corona parties”.

The photo may further fuel discussion about Prime Minister Johnson’s position. Still, the focus has since shifted to the accusation that Johnson slammed Labor leader Keir Starmer during a heated debate in parliament. Johnson accused Starmer that he had not taken any action against the well-known TV presenter Jimmy Savile at the time when he abused children. Starmer used to work for law enforcement.

Starmer is attacked in the street by a group of angry people shortly after the accusation by Johnson. Many British politicians – among them Conservative party members – think that Johnson has gone too far here by trying to discredit Starmer in this way. A number of top figures from Johnson’s cabinet have since resigned.

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