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British Police Again Discredited After Reports of Serious Misconduct

British police have again been discredited after reports of serious misconduct. For example, a woman named Yvonne Farrell said she was refused appropriate clothing in a police cell.


She had had to undress and instead was given only a short top and hot pants, and she told the British public broadcaster BBC on Wednesday. Because she was wrongly arrested, she was awarded EUR 54,000 in damages and an apology. The police did not say a word about the other allegations.

It was previously revealed that London police officers had made many racists, sexist and homophobic statements and shared rape fantasies in chat sessions. A Times journalist had come across conversations from Charing Cross County Police Department.

Independent police oversight said the cases were isolated. Still, Interior Minister Priti Patel said in parliament on Wednesday that there is a problem with culture and a lack of leadership within the Metropolitan Police.

Cressida Dick, the London police chief, has been under fire for some time. But, especially the fate of Sarah Everard stirred the emotions. The 33-year-old woman was kidnapped by ex-cop Wayne Couzens in March last year while she was on her way home.

She was raped and eventually killed. After that, more cases surfaced in which police officers were suspected of rape. So Minister Patel extended Dick’s contract in September 2021.

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