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British Nurse Suspected of Murdering Eight Babies

British police have arrested a nurse on suspicion of murdering eight babies. Who died in a hospital in Cheshire. The suspect, who has previously been detained, according to British media, is also suspected of attempting to kill nine other infants.


Police have been investigating the deaths of newborn children in the neonatology department of Countess of Chester Hospital for years. An inspector from the local police speaks of a “very complex and compassionate case”. He says that work is being done as soon as possible.

The children died in 2015 and 2016. The nurse, 30-year-old Lucy Letby, has been in the picture of the authorities for years. Police arrested the nurse, who joined the hospital in 2011, in 2018 and 2019 and also searched her home.

She was then suspected of killing eight babies and attempted murder of six babies. After some time, she was released pending further investigation. On her arrest now, police suspect her of three more assassination attempts.

Police inspector Paul Hughes says the babies’ parents have been informed of the latest developments. “They are continuously supported by specially trained employees. It is a challenging time for all these families.

We must remember that the next of kin are looking for answers to the questions surrounding the death of their children.”

The study opened in 2015 when doctors expressed concerns about higher than average death rates among preterm infants in the ward. The cause remained unclear, and specialist investigators were called in to monitor the department in 2016.

It was decided that intensive care would no longer be provided to newborns, who were referred to other hospitals for this.

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