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Biden Wins Nebraska Pre-Election, Sanders Remains on the Ballot

As expected, US presidential candidate Joe Biden won the primary election in the state of Nebraska. Sanders remains on the ballot to increase influence on party price.


Biden is almost certain of his nomination for Democrats, after his biggest challenger Bernie Sanders threw in the towel in early April. Sanders will remain on the ballot papers.

In this way, he wants to bring in enough delegates to be able to weigh up the content of the party’s program.

Joe Biden, the former vice president under Barack Obama, secured nearly 77 percent of the vote in Nebraska. Left-wing Senator Bernie Sanders stranded at about 13 percent.

With that result, Biden picked up at least 20 more delegates to the Democratic Convention, which will almost certainly nominate him as Democratic challenger to Republican President Donald Trump.

Biden already has 1,462 delegates behind him. He needs a total of 1,991 for the nomination.

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