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Biden Raises $ 150 Million More Than Trump in August


President Trump raised far less money for his election campaign in August than his Democratic rival Joe Biden.


The Republican Party and Trump’s reelection team report that they collectively raised $ 210 million, with Biden raising a record $ 364.5 million.

The latter is the most considerable amount ever raised by a presidential candidate in a month. For Trump, last month’s Republican Convention was a significant event that raised a lot of money. Then 76 million dollars was donated in four days.

Trump said on Tuesday that he might be putting his own money into his election campaign to step up the fight with Biden.

According to Bloomberg news agency, he would have consulted in his own circle about an amount that could amount to 100 million dollars.

Trump’s campaign has cost more than $ 800 million to date. Four years ago, he contributed $ 66 million to his campaign, but it has never happened before that a sitting president spends money to be re-elected.

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