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Biden Pushes for Better Rights for Voters

President Joe Biden seeks support for legislation to improve voters’ rights. In connection with this, he calls for procedures to be changed in the Senate, the upper house of the American parliament (Congress).


There, his Democratic Party faces fierce opposition from former President Trump’s Republicans.

Ahead of a rally in Atlanta, Georgia, where he plans to promote his plans, Biden tweeted that the Senate should debate the bill to protect voting rights. That law would prevent “suppression” of voters. Biden accuses some US states of making voting more difficult for certain population groups. The bill also aims to prevent results from being contested as fiercely as Biden’s election as president in 2020.

Under existing rules, it is difficult for Democrats to get laws passed through the Senate. However, if things are arranged differently, Biden expects to pilot the revision of the electoral system through the Senate. In the House of Representatives, the lower house of Congress, the Democrats have a clear majority; in the Senate, they have 48 of the 100 seats.

They can, in principle, count on the support of the two independent senators. But, so sore point is the Senate tradition that any senator can object to the way a contentious issue is handled. He can thus postpone and delay debates and even block the vote on a law.

“I will defend your right to vote and our democracy against all enemies, foreign and domestic,” Biden said in the Atlanta speech, part of which has already been published.

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