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BBC Covered Up Shortcomings in the Interview With Diana

The British broadcaster BBC glossed over how an interview with Princess Diana was arranged by providing false information. The host says in response to an investigation report that it was seriously flawed.

“The BBC fell short of the high standards of integrity and transparency that we are known for,” the report said. It is about an interview in 1995 for Martin Bashir’s Panorama program with Diana. Bashir apologized for his methods on Thursday.

According to Diana’s brother, Bashir lied to him to arrange an interview with the Princess of Wales. The journalist wanted to gain the trust of Diana and her brother through false information. In the interview, the princess spoke out about her unhappy marriage to Prince Charles.

The interview, which aired in November 1995, attracted a record 22.8 million British viewers. Diana and Prince Charles split up shortly after the broadcast. The conversation was the breakthrough for Bashir.

“The report says Diana would like an interview with the BBC, but the methods used do not meet what the public expects of us. We are sorry,” BBC director Tim Davie.

The same day the BBC received the report, the broadcaster also announced Bashir’s departure. He has decided to stop working at the BBC a month before that announcement for health reasons.

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