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Apple Sells Spare Parts for iPhone and Mac Repairs


Tech company Apple will, for the first time, sell parts and tools to the general public, who can then carry out repairs on some iPhones and Mac computers.


The repair option that Apple offers comes after years of pressure from consumer groups. Apple will also come with repair manuals.

In 2019, Apple started a program that allows independent repair shops to purchase its parts, tools, and manuals. Apple says 2,800 independent stores are operating with it, in addition to 5,000 directly authorized repairers.

Through the self-service program, Apple customers can purchase parts directly to perform their own repairs. Apple’s online store will initially sell about 200 parts and tools. They aim to fix the most common display, battery and camera issues on iPhone 12 and 13 models.

The program will eventually be expanded to Mac computers that use Apple’s M1 chip. Later on, less common repairs will also become part of the program. Apple sells the parts and tools to consumers for the same price independent repairers pay. Used parts can be returned to Apple upon completion of a repair. Discounts can be obtained with this.

Initially, the repair option will be offered in the US early next year. After that, the repair system will be rolled out in more countries.

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