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Apple Achieved Much More Revenue and Profit Than A Year Earlier

In the first three months of this year, the second quarter of its broken fiscal year, Apple achieved much more revenue and profit than a year earlier.


The other big tech companies are also seeing billions coming in. Sales in Europe also skyrocketed, but do they also pay taxes here?

The profit and sales figures are staggering, with Apple at the forefront. The iPhone maker’s revenue skyrocketed 54 percent to $ 89.6 billion.

Profits rocketed with 110 percent growth through all expectations to $ 23.6 billion. $ 23.6 billion in 90 days; that’s 262 million a day. Calculated even further: USD 3,035 net profit per second.

The iPhone 12 is a hit, and the Mac sells like crazy; the Airpods, iPads, and Watches can’t be dragged. The American company sells most in the United States, but Europe is a close second.

Almost a third of the turnover is achieved here. Apple stuff is also popular in the Netherlands.

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