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Analysts: ‘Huawei Sees Deliveries Fall By A Quarter This Year’

Analysts: ‘Huawei sees Deliveries fall by a Quarter this year due to US Sanctions’. The Chinese tech company Huawei seems to be considerably bothered by American sanctions.


According to analysts, the group can see the number of deliveries fall by a maximum of 25 percent this year.

The US recently added Huawei to a list of companies that are restricted in their business relations with the US.

The tensions between the two countries have increased even further.

China has already threatened with countermeasures, without explicitly specifying what they entail.

The nine hundred companies are afraid that China will take steps that will hit American companies hard.

In terms of numbers, Huawei is the second largest smartphone manufacturer in the world.

According to analyst firms Fubon Research and Strategy Analytics, the number of deliveries could fall by 4 to 24 percent this year.

Many experts expect that the number of deliveries will decrease in the coming six months, but do not want to mention hard numbers.

Disappear from Europe
“Huawei can disappear completely from the Western European smartphone market if the company no longer has access to Google,” says Linda Sui of Strategy Analytics.

She does expect the company to sustain thanks to the size of the Chinese market.

Fubon Research previously predicted that Huawei would ship around 258 million smartphones in 2019,

 now the analyst agency uses a worst case scenario of only 200 million.

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