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All Eyes Are on Georgia: Biden Could Use Two Senate Seats


It’s only two Senate seats, but the upcoming runoffs in Georgia are critical. On January 5 it will be decided in this American state whether Joe Biden will also get a majority in the Senate.


If not, he will face a lot of opposition from the Republicans.

So all eyes are on Georgia. Not the country but the US state, which is just above Florida. That the name Georgia has two meanings in English confused some conspiracy theorists on Twitter.

Because, they claimed, more than five million votes have been cast in Georgia. But that is not possible at all with less than four million inhabitants. Conclusion: large-scale fraud!

Unfortunately, they counted themselves rich because anyone who ever attended geography classes at school already knew that there are two Georgias: that southern state with 10 million inhabitants and that sparsely populated country in the Caucasus.

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