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Airbus Wins Legal Battle With Qatar Airways

Aircraft manufacturer Airbus has won a long-running legal dispute with airline Qatar Airways. The European aircraft manufacturer has been granted permission by a British judge to cancel an order from Qatar Airways for A321neo aircraft.


Qatar Airways had asked a court in London for an injunction to prevent Airbus from cancelling the contract for 50 aircraft. A British judge rejected that request on Tuesday. The ruling clears the way for Airbus to re-market the aircraft and sell it to other customers. According to the judge, Qatar Airways can find good alternatives to the A321 aircraft, which are expected to enter service in the fourth quarter of 2023.

Airbus cancelled the order in January. The European company wanted to increase the pressure in a long-running conflict with the airline about another type, the A350. That aircraft suffers from wear to the paint on the fuselage faster than expected. There the paint can crack and peel. Because of that problem, Qatar Airways grounded the planes and used other aircraft.

Airbus believes that Qatar Airways itself has insisted on a flight ban to enforce compensation. Qatar Airways has ordered a total of 76 A350 aircraft, of which it has already received 53. The airline wants to see around 675 million euros in compensation from Airbus.

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