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A Flashback to Fashion Photo Production

Fashion photo production is a type of photography that is dedicated to capturing the pictures of fashion models or products for different catalogues, fashion magazines and other platforms. This is mostly done to advertise. In the past, this type of photography was quite being, but today, this is the most common type of-of photography that is applied to almost all the businesses and brands for the sake of their advertisement.

This was first done in 1856 when Adolph Braun published a book contains the photographs of Virginia Goldoni, Countess di Castiglione, a Tuscan noblewoman at the court of Napoleon III. The photographs made her the first model and originated in the world of fashion.

From that day, this industry kept on rising and reached to its peak with the launch of VOGUE, the fashion magazine. This was a very large project, and thousands of people were hired as models including young, old age, kids and all sort of people. The fashion industry began to grow.

Many fashion model agencies came into being, and the Film and TV era reached to its peak, this was the royal vintage time, and fashion was at its peak. There is always a completion for any idea one starts and so faced VOGUE. Harper’s Bazaar, a project similar to Vogue came into being as its rival making the company to influence more on the bold photography.

Today, when the world has reached the digital era, many advancements can be seen in this industry as well. With the change in time, the trend in the photography has also been changed. Now the photo production industry has grown so much that many other branches have been derived from the branch fashion photography. Here are some of the major branches which are being used commercially nowadays.

• Still photography
This is such a type of photography where photos are taken without being the models involved. These are the photos of objects and are widely used. For example, the photos of jewellery, sunglasses, fashion accessories, dresses on statues, bags, shoes etc. These are mostly used to display on online stores, web pages, social media profiles and catalogues etc. Beauty products like soap, shampoo, face wash, cosmetics etc. Are mostly covered by still photographers.

• Commercial photography
Commercial fashion photography refers to the type of photography in which models are used, and these photos are generally used for the billboards, cover pages of fashion magazines, branding, marketing and advertising purposes. Moreover, it has many other uses as well as posters and displaying results of different beauty and fashion products like cosmetics etc.

• Modelling shoot
This is also a very commonly used type of photography, here, the photographer covers the fashion events and capture the photos of models on the modelling ramps, launch ceremonies etc. They are also responsible for capturing the fashion shoots of different models who want to build their portfolios and gallery.

Other than these, there are much other application of fashion photo production, and one has very fair chances to great ear money in this field.

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