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Avengers: Endgame Wins Three MTV Movie Awards

Avengers: Endgame wins three MTV Movie Awards. The film Avengers: Endgame has become the big winner of the MTV Movie & TV Awards. The superhero film received three prizes. The final piece of the Avengers series won the prize for the…

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Apple Sued For Possible Sharing Of Private Data iTunes

Apple Sued for possible sharing of Private data iTunes. Three Americans have sued tech giant Apple because the company would have shared private data with other parties, according to the reports on Tuesday. According to prosecutors, Apple sells data about which specific music customers have listened to data traders. These traders would then link the data to public information on social…

Analysts: ‘Huawei Sees Deliveries Fall By A Quarter This Year’

Analysts: 'Huawei sees Deliveries fall by a Quarter this year due to US Sanctions'. The Chinese tech company Huawei seems to be considerably bothered by American sanctions. According to analysts, the group can see the number of deliveries fall by a maximum of 25 percent this year. The US recently added Huawei to a list of companies that are restricted in their business relations with the…

“WhatsApp Adds Ads To An App In 2020”

"WhatsApp Adds ads to an App in 2020." WhatsApp will receive advertisements in the app next year. The ads are added to the WhatsApp Status function. A Facebook manager revealed the plans during a presentation during the Facebook Marketing Summit in Rotterdam,  reports someone who attended the event on Twitter. During the presentation, an example was shown in an advertisement in Status.…

“Ban 500 Euro To Make It Hard For Criminals”

"Ban 500 Euro to Make it hard for Criminals." 500 euro notes must be abolished altogether to make criminals as difficult as possible. That says Theo Akse of the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU-the Netherlands) on Saturday. FIU is a government agency that deals with all reports of unusual transactions or possible money laundering practices. Although all countries in the Eurozone have…

British Car Production Fall Back to 1980s Level in Case of Hard Brexit

British Car Production Fall Back to 1980s Level in Case of Hard Brexit. In the case of a hard Brexit without agreement with the European Union, British car production could fall back to the 1980s level, with only 1.07 million cars produced in 2021. Announced by the British Association of Car Manufacturers SMMT (Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders). In the first quarter of 2019,…

Donald Trump and Shinzo Abe: Stop Importing Iranian Oil

Donald Trump and Shinzo Abe: Stop Importing Iranian Oil. US President Donald Trump and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe have underlined their shared desire to end the import of Iranian oil during their meeting at the White House. That is what the American ambassador to Japan William Hagerty said to media representatives on Saturday. The two leaders would like to see the Islamic…


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