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Germans Can Go on Holiday Again in Some Parts of Turkey

In contrast to the Dutch, Germans can go on holiday to Turkey again. The travel warning for the tourist west coast has been lifted, the German authorities announced. These are the regions of Antalya, Izmir, Aydin and Mugla with all…

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Facebook is Reviewing Rules Against Early Election of Winners

Facebook is considering introducing rules against the early proclamation of election winners. Many media like to declare a winner on the evening after an election day, but that is less and less possible. Facebook director Mark Zuckerberg in conversation with The New York Times says he wants to prepare Facebook users in elections for the results to take days or weeks to arrive. Moreover,…

Republicans and Democrats Doubt on Fair Americans Elections

Americans are very concerned about the fairness of the upcoming presidential elections, regardless of their political preference, a poll has revealed. About half of the voters surveyed fear that the ballot box in November will lead to fraud as a result of voting by post. This is also the position of Republican President Donald Trump, who lags behind polls he questions. The Reuters and…

Investors Aim for the Acquisition of TikTok for 50 Billion

The popular but controversial app TikTok could be worth $ 50 billion as a separate company. That is what some investors in the Chinese parent company ByteDance believe. They want to take over the platform for short music videos from the current owner, and insurers report agency Reuters reports. TikTok is under attack in the United States, among others, because there are concerns about…

Italy Wants to Extend Corona Emergency to the End of October

Italy wants to extend the state of emergency to October 31 due to the corona crisis. The government has asked parliament to agree to the extension, Italian media report. The state of emergency was declared for six months at the end of January. That happened after the coronavirus had surfaced in the country. The state of emergency makes money available for special measures and gives…

Hasbro Sells More Board Games and Clay During the Corona Crisis

Toymaker Hasbro sold more Play-Doh clay and games like Twister and Four in a Row in the past quarter. The American company took advantage of the fact that due to the coronavirus outbreak, more people were home with their children more often. The corona crisis also disrupted the toy manufacturing process at the American company. Many stores were also forced to close their doors. Nearly…

WHO Registers the Record Number of New Coronavirus Cases

The number of corona infections worldwide has increased by 284,196 in the past 24 hours, which is the highest increase in 24 hours since the start of the pandemic. The World Health Organization (WHO) reported this on Friday. The number of deaths increased by 9753, the highest since April 30. The most significant increase in corona cases was recorded by the WHO in the US, Brazil, India…


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