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Prince Andrew Does Not Participate in American Epstein Research

The American justice would like to hear the British prince Andrew in the abuse case against Jeffrey Epstein (1953-2019), but the prince does not give home according to a prosecutor in New York. Public prosecutor Geoffrey Berman said that Prince Andrew is not responding and the FBI has not yet cooperated, the Guardian newspaper reported. The prince has been under fire for years due to his…

The British Queen Elizabeth II Also Approves the Brexit Agreement

Following the British parliament, Queen Elizabeth has now also approved Prime Minister Boris Johnson's Brexit agreement. This paves the way for the United Kingdom's exit from the European Union. We are still waiting for the European Parliament. The fact that the British prince has approved the Brexit Act means that the entire procedure has been completed in the United Kingdom. The…

How Can Business Take Advantage of the Internet of Things

Before going to the advantages of the Internet of Things in business, let’s first know what the Internet of things is? What is the Internet of things? Internet of things is the system of interconnected computing devices. Objects, persons, digital machines, and animals anything can be interrelated that are provided with the unique identifiers. Without requiring any human-to-human,…

Prince Harry Speaks for the First Time After Giving Up Royal Titles

The British prince Harry spoke for the first time about the decision of him and his wife Meghan Markle to take a step back within the royal family. He stated that they "had no other choice". Harry gave a speech on Sunday evening at an event of the charity organisation Sentebale in London. He stated that he "is sad that it has come that far". They've thought about the decision for a long…

Iranian Security Forces Use Illegal Force to Suppress Protests

The Iranian security forces have shot at peaceful demonstrators with pointed air-pressure bullets during protests against the downing of the Ukrainian passenger plane. That is what human rights organisation Amnesty International says. These air pressure balls are used for hunting small game and cause painful injuries and bleeding. Amnesty relies on testimonials and images that the…

Lawrence Stroll Forerunner for Aston Martin Investment

The Canadian billionaire Lawrence Stroll is ahead of other potential investors in discussions with British car maker Aston Martin about an interest. Insiders reported this to the Bloomberg news agency. According to the sources, Stroll has made a lot of progress in the conversations. The owner of the Racing Point F1 team would like to put around 230 million euros in Aston Martin. The…


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