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Navalny Supporters are Gradually Taking to the Streets All Over Russia

Supporters of the detained Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny have already taken to the streets in the far east of Russia on Wednesday to protest against the treatment of the well-known Kremlin critic. The demonstrations are planned to spread across the country in the coming hours to the major cities of Moscow and Saint Petersburg. With their actions, the protesters defied the…

Bitcoin: Will Britons Get Their Own Crypto Coin?

British Finance Minister Rishi Sunak and the Bank of England are investigating the usefulness of a private crypto coin. Sunak announced this yesterday. The minister had also considered a name for the digital currency: "britcoin". "A government cryptocurrency should help the Brexit-affected United Kingdom remain competitive," said Sunak. On Twitter, he spoke about "the britcoin".…

British Research Exposes Ex-Patients to Corona Again

British researchers at the University of Oxford will start a new trial on Monday in which participants who have already had the coronavirus are again exposed to the lung disease. They want to see how the immune system responds and whether they can become infected again. In February, the country was the first in the world to authorize human trials in which volunteers were deliberately…

Chile: Chinese Vaccine Prevents Four Out of Five Corona Deaths

Inoculation with the vaccine from Chinese biotech company Sinovac prevents four out of five deaths from Covid-19, Chile's Ministry of Health reports based on the South American country's vaccination campaign results. Two out of three vaccinated people who become infected do not develop any symptoms. 85 percent do not have to go to a hospital, and almost 90 percent do not end up in…

English Pubs Open Again, Drink Sales Skyrocket

English cafes have done well after the easing of the lockdown. The turnover from beverage sales in the hospitality industry was almost 114 percent higher on Monday than on the same day in 2019, the year before the pandemic. Pubs and restaurants in England have been allowed to serve customers since Monday, although this is only allowed outside for the time being. That did not prevent the…

Sweden is Waiting to Use the Janssen Vaccine

Sweden is currently not administering the corona vaccines from the Leiden manufacturer Janssen. The waiting is because of a scarce and dangerous combination of blood clots and a low number of platelets that have occurred in a few relatively young vaccines. Denmark is said to be taking the same decision as did the United States and South Africa previously. France will work with it, among…


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