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British Company Behind Dutch Space Project Mars One Bankrupt

British Company behind Dutch space project Mars One Bankrupt. Mars One Ventures, the company behind the Dutch foundation Mars One, has been declared bankrupt, according to the reports on Monday by a ruling by the court of Basel. Mars One planned to land the first people on Mars in 2031. It is determined that the project would require 6 billion dollars. The financing was in the hands of…

Amazon Sees Sales And Profits Grew Strongly In 2018

Amazon Sees sales and Profits grew Strongly in 2018. The American webshop giant Amazon has obtained considerably higher results in the fourth quarter, with the holiday season. Amazon has a turnover of 72.4 billion dollars, according to Thursday figures from Amazon. It is an increase of 20 percent compared to a year earlier. Net profit was 3 billion dollars, compared with 1.9 billion…

Central Bank Iran Wants To Delete Four Zeros Of Currency Rial

Central Bank Iran wants to Delete four Zeros of Currency Rial. The Iranian central bank has submitted a proposal to the government to cancel four zeros off the currency Rial. The plan follows a currency decline of around 60 percent in the past year. The chairman of the Iranian central bank presenting the plan stated that he expected that "a decision would follow as soon as possible". It…

Apple Wants To Prevent Chinese Ban

Apple Wants to prevent Chinese ban with a Software update for iOS. Apple has released an iOS update with which the company wants to avoid a sales ban on iPhones in China. The Chinese authorities have halted the sale of some iPhone models earlier this month, as Apple would violate chipmaker Qualcomm's patents. Apple continued to sell the iPhones, but with the software update, it tries to…

Facebook Arranges Game Developer In Court Case

Facebook Arranges game Developer in Court case around Oculus VR. Facebook has settled with the American game developer ZeniMax. Finally, it will conclude the lawsuit between the two companies for more than four years. "We are happy that a settlement has been reached," says the company's director behind id Software (Doom and Quake) and Bethesda (The Elder Scrolls and Fallout) on Wednesday,…

Pilots British Airline Virgin Atlantic Struck Just Before Christmas

Pilots British airline Virgin Atlantic struck just Before Christmas. Pilots from Virgin Atlantic dropped from December 22 to Christmas Day. It is announced by the trade union Professional Pilots Union (PPU), which represents a third of pilots from British society. Also, pilots from the PPU refuse to fly around the turn of the year and several days in the first week of January. The pilots…


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