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The Lawsuit Against Trump for Funding Border Wall Can Continue

A lawsuit against US President Donald Trump over the funding of Trump's coveted border wall can still go ahead, a Washington court has ruled. Democratic MPs had brought the case, but a lower court previously found they had no legal standing to charge the president. The Democrats believe Trump has violated the constitution by starting the construction of the wall along the Mexican border…

The British Government Also Launches Corona App

The UK government has launched an app to warn people if they may have been exposed to the coronavirus. There will also be a public campaign to encourage residents of England and Wales to put the program on their smartphones. The British government uses technology in the app that tech giants Apple and Google have developed together. The program uses Bluetooth to monitor how long people…

Controversial British Brexit Law Clears New Hurdle

A controversial UK law violating specific Brexit deals with the European Union has taken a new hurdle in the UK parliament. This makes it slightly more likely that Prime Minister Boris Johnson's proposal will reach the finish line. On Tuesday evening, the parliament acquired the right to vote on emergency measures in the new law, if the government wants to apply them. The say in…

Again More Than 4000 New Corona Cases in the UK

Health authorities in the UK have registered 4368 new corona cases in the last 24 hours, over 450 more than Sunday. The number of infections has been increasing alarmingly recently and is now in line with the numbers from the beginning of May when the epidemic seemed just past its peak in the country. Chris Whitty and Patrick Vallance, key government advisers, outlined the spectre of…

The Stock Exchanges in New York Opened Mixed on Friday Trading Session

The stock exchanges in New York looked for direction at the opening of Friday's trading session. Investors processed another step in the tech company conflict between China and the United States. The Trump administration announced that it would ban Apple and Google app stores from offering WeChat and TikTok apps in the US. In addition, attention is paid to the impasse in American…

The US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo Sets Foot on Suriname Soil

The US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo set foot on Suriname soil. At the Johan Adolf Pengel Airport, he was welcomed by, among others, Minister Albert Ramdin of Foreign Affairs, International Business and International Cooperation and the American ambassador to Suriname Karen Williams. Immediately upon arrival, the American delegation left for the presidential palace in Paramaribo, where…


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