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KLM Again Major Recipient of Corona Support in the First Quarter

Airline KLM was again the largest recipient in the fourth period of the corona wage support. This is reported by the UWV benefits agency, which announced all provisional allowances from the Emergency Measure Bridging Employment (NOW) from January to March. Many payroll companies are also high on the list. KLM was good for just under 217 million euros in NOW support in the first three…

Turkish Constitutional Court Examines Whether Pro-Kurdish Party Hdp Can Be Banned

The Turkish Constitutional Court will investigate whether it is possible to ban the pro-Kurdish party HDP because of alleged links with the PKK. The left-wing HDP, the third-largest party in Turkey, has been targeted for some time, not only by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's AKP but also by his coalition partner, the right-wing nationalist MHP. Earlier this month, Chief Prosecutor Bekir…

US Southwest Groans Under Heat Wave

In the US states of California, Nevada, Arizona and Utah, temperatures above 50°C have been measured. There is extreme drought in the area, and the danger of forest fires is real. A heatwave has ravaged the southwestern United States for several days. More than 48 million people are under so-called 'heat advisory watches'. These are warnings issued by the National Weather Service in the…

US House Withdraws Approval for War in Iraq After Two Decades

The US House of Representatives has withdrawn its approval for the war in Iraq after nearly 20 years. Critics say the resolution has been used as a license to conduct military operations for which it was never intended. The resolution dates back to 2002 and authorized then-President George W. Bush to deploy the military against Iraq. The US then invaded that country and overthrew dictator…

Jeff Bezos Ex-Wife MacKenzie Scott Gives Away Another 2.2 Billion

One of the world's richest women, Amazon boss Jeff Bezos' ex-husband MacKenzie Scott, has given away another 2.2 billion euros. Since her divorce, she has now donated seven billion euros to food banks and aid organizations, among others. Scott, who is worth about fifty billion euros, announced her third donation on Tuesday. The money will go to 286 organizations, including schools,…

Ryanair: No Long Ban on Flights Through Belarus Airspace

Ryanair is not in favour of a more extended ban on flights through Belarus' airspace. Irish Society chief Michael O'Leary said this in the British Parliament. According to him, there must be freedom to fly through the airspace of countries. The European and British authorities have issued a safety directive for airlines to avoid Belarusian airspace, while Belarusian airlines are no…


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